Pinching pennies: how to make every dollar last

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

So you need to do some extreme penny pinching; You want to put your pennies in a vice and squeeze every morsel of buying power out of them. Let's do it.

“ Okay. I want to go cold-turkey on this supreme frugality, but how do I do it? ”

It certainly is terrifying to be all of a sudden bound to make

recourse due to severe limitations when you were accustomed to a cornucopia of everything. In order to make them less chaotic and confusing, we’ll split them into categories. The first is:

Penny Pinching Personal care

It doesn’t look like it but even frugal people spend small fortunes on personal care products each month. Shampoo, soaps, bath salts, toothpaste, balms, creams – they all cost good money. Here’s how you go frugal out of the blue in regards with personal toilette:

  • Take showers instead of baths: short showers once every two days. Unless you work in a mine or constructions, you don’t need to shower daily. Your water bill will be considerably lower.

  • Use less shampoo: you don’t need a fistful of shampoo to foam your hair. First of all, excessive shampooing will damage your hair. Second, you will probably have to buy a new one each week.

  • Dry the soap: if you let the soap wet after you’ve showered, it will melt.

  • Get a razor: instead of spending mindlessly on Gillette shaving razors, get an old razor like the one your grandfather used to sharpen on his belt. They can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

  • Stop shaving altogether: more of a choice than an actual tip on how to become frugal, but hey, you don’t need to buy razors and shaving foam anymore.

  • Start making your toothpaste: baking soda, salt and a few drops of your favorite essential oils is everything you need to get a good toothpaste. It’s chemical-free, healthy and insanely affordable.

  • Cut your hair yourself: you don’t need to go to the hairdresser to get a decent haircut. You can do it yourself or someone from your family can. If not, just let your hair grow. It’s becoming a trend for men, too.

  • Sew torn clothes and socks: don’t just throw away socks and clothes with minor defects as holes or tears. Sew them. It will save tons of money you’d otherwise spend on buying clothes and throwing them away again at the first rupture.

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